SmartChart to be upgraded on January 12

By Harm Scherpbier, MD MS, CMIO


The IT team will upgrade SmartChart to a new version on January 12, 2014.  There are several changes to the user interface (the appearance on your screen) – but all changes are easy to learn and obvious. You’ll figure it out in no time.


Here are a few of the changes you’ll see in this new version.

  • New patient list, new worklists.  The patient list will take up a larger part of the screen.  The worklists (orders to be signed etc.) are on the left. 


You can switch between your patient lists through the drop-down, top-left:


Click on the patient’s name to view the quick-view window at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the icon to select that patient and go to the Clinical Summary (full-screen).  Click on the exclamation mark to see this patient’s alerts.


  • For physicians doing the new progress notes:  when you select a new template, click the star to add that template to your personal favorites folder.  This will save you clicks the next time!


For each note template, you can save your most common answers (normals, etc.) – for faster entry each time you use that template.  Obviously, if you use the “Save Answers” feature on any templates, make sure that you perform the exam and ask the questions for which you saved the answers. When you pre-populate the saved answers, you can still change the answers for each patient when you’re completing the note. 


  • Small but good change in CPOE: when you are done selecting orders, there’s now an “Add and Close” button – this will save you a click each time…




If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to call me (484 568 3420) or email me (  Thanks for all your help – I hope you’ll enjoy this new version of SmartChart!



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