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The e-newsletter MLH Clinician provides quick, easy access to Main Line Health and industry information, emailed every week to physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other members of the medical staff, as well as MLH leadership and all MLH managers, in place of the current numerous communications sent separately from various sources within MLH to the medical staff.

Recipients can scan the headlines and summaries in the MLH Clinician email, then click on a headline and sign in with a simple password to read complete articles and additional information sorted by campus or clinical department on MLH Clinician online. From the MLH Clinician online page, readers will also be able to access additional System resources by logging in to the MLH network through Citrix or PhoneFactor.

I hope you find this tool resourceful. We welcome your comments and suggestions on information you would like to receive. Now, more than ever before, we must collaborate and share information in order to navigate the complexities of this new health care environment. As always, thank you for your engagement and commitment to MLH.

Andy Norton, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Main Line Health

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