LMC: Introducing DentaScan

By Robert L. Benz MD, FACP, Vice President of Medical Affairs, Lankenau Medical Center, and Dr. Jack Schilling, Campus Chairman, Imaging Services, Lankenau Medical Center


The Radiology Department at Lankenau is pleased to announce the availability of DentaScan to our physicians and patients.  DentaScan is a unique computer software program which provides computed tomographic (CT) imaging of the mandible and maxilla in three planes of reference: axial, panoramic, and oblique sagittal (or cross-sectional). This allows for a remarkably detailed evaluation of these structures, surpassing older imaging techniques such as Panorex, and provides 3D reconstructions as well. 

Some of the expected clinical applications include evaluation of dental disease in the preoperative patient, determination of extent of injury following trauma, and assessment of patients prior to and after dental/plastic reconstructive surgery.

The DentaScan examination can be ordered as a CT study of the Maxillofacial Area without contrast (Code 70486).  At this time, the verbiage “Dental Evaluation” must be added to the request to insure that the DentaScan protocol is performed. 


If you have any questions, please direct them to Fran Diegnan, Director of Imaging Services, at 484-476-8119.

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