Kyphoplasty and sacroplasty in Interventional Radiology

By Eric Stein, MD, Chief of Interventional Radiology


Kyphoplasty is indicated in the treatment of acute, painful fractures in the thoracic and lumbar spine in the osteoporotic patient, or in patients with myeloma or metastatic maligancy to bone who have painful pathologic vertebral fractures.  We estimate that more than one thousand patients have been successfully treated with kyphoplasty in the Main Line system.  While some patients are treated on an inpatient basis because they are already in house for pain control, the majority of our kyphoplasty patients are treated as outpatients under conscious sedation and discharged approximately three hours post-procedure.


Sacroplasty has been widely reported in the literature to be of benefit in patients with sacral pain and documented sacral insufficiency fractures.  This CT-guided procedure can be done with minimal sedation.  We have treated many patients with sacroplasty in the Main Line Health System, and all of the patients have reported significant pain relief post-procedure.


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