A new clinical program at LMC: Jefferson Transplant Institute at Lankenau

By Phil Robinson, President, Lankenau Medical Center


Here’s a fact that may surprise you: kidney transplants have been performed at Lankenau Medical Center since 1994. Our Kidney Transplant Program just celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first kidney transplant operation at Lankenau. This is history we can all be proud of—20 consecutive years of giving people with devastating kidney disease a new lease on life. We can also take pride in knowing these patients received excellent care. Our kidney transplant teams have consistently met national benchmarks for transplant outcomes—an uncommon achievement among transplant programs.


So what’s next for us?


Much more. Lankenau is embarking on a major expansion of our organ transplantation services. You’ll learn more about this important development in the months ahead, but I wanted to take a moment to share the basics of a new clinical program—the Jefferson Transplant Institute at Lankenau Medical Center.


Jefferson Transplant Institute at Lankenau

The Jefferson Transplant Institute at Lankenau Medical Center is a shared initiative of Main Line Health and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. The Institute’s surgical director is Cataldo Doria, MD, PhD, FACS, director, Division of Transplantation, Thomas Je­fferson University Hospital; and the Institute’s medical director is Keith Superdock, MD, FACP, associate medical director, Kidney Transplant Program, Lankenau Medical Center. The partnership merges Lankenau’s and Jefferson’s expertise and resources in transplantation care and offers a new model of care for patients in need of organ transplantation.


What does this partnership mean for patients at Lankenau?


For those with advanced kidney disease, little will change. These patients will receive the same excellent, comprehensive kidney transplantation care at Lankenau that patients have received for the past 20 years. What’s new is that our Kidney Transplant Program is now aligned with Jefferson’s Kidney Transplant Program, with standardized clinical protocols, a shared team of Jefferson-based surgeons, and the opportunity for research collaboration.


This partnership has the greatest potential to impact patients suffering from liver or heart failure, by providing seamless access to Jefferson’s transplantation teams in the city while bringing pre- and post-transplant care closer to home, at specialized transplant centers here at Lankenau.


Taking a closer look, the Jefferson Transplant Institute at Lankenau will provide patients with advanced liver or heart disease:


  • Convenient and efficient pre- and post-transplant care. Patients with end-stage liver or heart disease need significant pre- and post-transplant care and support. The closer to home and more consolidated these services are, the easier it is on patients. The Institute’s specialized transplant centers at Lankenau will offer the convenience of a local base where a patient’s complex pre- and post-transplant needs can be met by an experienced clinical team that is familiar to the patient. Further, because clinical services are highly centralized at Lankenau, the Institute’s liver and heart transplant centers will be able to offer efficient pretransplant evaluation, for the possibility of faster placement on the organ waiting list.
  • Streamlined coordination of surgical care. The Institute’s surgical teams at Jefferson will collaborate closely with the Institute’s clinical teams here at Lankenau to help patients prepare successfully for organ transplantation procedures and to monitor patients through recovery.


I’m pleased to announce that the Institute’s liver transplant center at Lankenau is now open and providing pretransplant evaluations and care for patients with advanced liver disease. This center is under the leadership of transplant hepatologist Scott Fink, MD, MPH, FACP.


Also, through the Lankenau Heart Institute, heart failure patients have access to a broad range of diagnostic, medical, preventive and surgical treatment options. Lankenau Medical Center has a Destination Therapy Program to offer comprehensive care for advanced heart failure patients. In instances where heart transplantation is the preferred method of treatment, the team is able to accommodate these patients through their partnership with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.


To the dedicated physicians, nurses, and hospital staff members who provide excellent transplantation care and services to patients at Lankenau—thank you. Our future is bright because of you.


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