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In Main Line Health news

Dr. Marisa Weiss: ‘You can take steps to lower your risk of breast cancer’

A breast oncologist at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, Pa., Dr. Marisa Weiss said, “Most breast cancers are related to how you lead your life; that is, what you’re eating, what you’re drinking, what you’re breathing in, medicines you’re taking, personal products you’re using.” More from Salisbury Post.


Medical Board Certification Pass Rates

While the American Board of Internal Medicine issues an individual credential, the chart reflects how first-time takers of recent certifying exams perform as a group, including 93% of Lankenau’s first time takers passing. More from Philadelphia Inquirer.

In other health news


A doctor’s ‘people skills’ affects patients’ health

HealthDay News reports that a doctor’s bedside manner can have a real effect on patients’ health.


Health care workers wash hands more when patients are watching

CBS News reports that in the study, 58 percent of health care providers said they changed their hand hygiene practices, 88 percent said they were more motivated to wash their hands and 33 percent said they had more conversations with patients about infection prevention and control.


Obamacare costs less than expected, but there’s a catch

The exchange plans tend to have lower payment rates for providers, narrower networks and more controls over health care usage than employer-sponsored insurance plans. More from Philadelphia Business Journal.


Health Care Reform Unfinished, Part 1: Hospitals Take A Hit

KYW Newsradio reports that hhospitals have not yet realized the savings of universal health care but they’re already feeling the bite of cuts in payments.


Health Care Reform Unfinished, Part 2: The Family Doctor: A Practice Model On Life Support?

Government payment incentives are tied to quality measures, which doctors agree are good but that raise administrative costs, and many private insurers don’t reward those extra investments. More from KYW Newsradio.


Doctors At Mercy Fitzgerald Find New Way To Help ICU Patients

The director of critical care at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital says his staff has discovered that giving patient uninterrupted sleep from midnight to 4:30am greatly reduced confusion, falls and longer hospital stays. More from KYW Newsradio.


Why Doctor Ratings are Misleading

There is real danger in making too much of online doctor ratings. Doing so may lead physicians to do things that conflict with their professional judgment—such as providing unneeded medications and procedures—in the interest of improving scores. It may also lead them to spend too much time worrying about and buffing up their reputations, rather than focusing their attention on taking the best possible care of their patients. More from The Atlantic.


Telemedicine will be the norm as care shifts towards patients
In this interview with EHRintelligence, Dr. Jay Sanders discusses the emergence of telemedicine as an accepted and beneficial way to practice medicine despite the many barriers that still remain. More from EHR Intelligence.


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