Medical Board Certification Pass Rates

By William Surkis, MD, MLH Internal Medicine Program Director

On Sunday, April 13, 2014, the Philadelphia Inquirer published a list of the three-year American Board of Internal Medicine pass rates for all the Philadelphia-area Internal Medicine Residency Programs.  These pass rates are closely followed by the ACGME, which requires a program-wide 80% three-year pass rate to maintain accreditation.  This number is also a helpful measure of overall academic success of a residency or fellowship program – something that can be an important asset in recruiting outstanding residents and fellows. 

Main Line Health’s Internal Medicine Residency program showed impressive performance in this arena. In addition to our outstanding residents who work hard to expand their knowledge every day while taking incredible care of their patients, I credit our amazingly devoted faculty who never stop teaching our trainees.  From rounds on the floors and ICU to teaching in our clinic, it’s obvious that our faculty make educating our trainees a priority.  I would put the quality of our Morning Reports and Noon Conferences up against those of the best university programs in America – this is all due to the hard work of our faculty.  In this era of significant focus on RVUs, we’re seeing more and more programs moving didactics to the back seat.  These numbers are validation that a traditional daily curriculum can really pay dividends in expanding trainees’ medical knowledge. 

Our small numbers of graduating trainees each year makes these numbers even more significant, and our Osteopathic Internal Medicine In-Training Exam scores have consistently been the highest in the entire United States since the program’s year of inception. 

 This year, our 13 graduating senior Internal Medicine residents will be taking their American Board of Internal Medicine Exam in August.  We wish them well in their efforts!



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