June Spotlight – Emergency Department: Red Rules in the ED

Submitted by Steven Gamburg, MD, Chair, Emergency Medicine


I​t’s ​important​! Remember our Red Rule on INITIATING patient contact, and it’s especially important in the ED at ​DISCHARGE.​

The ED is often referred to as the entrance to the hospital. When our patients “enter” our humble abode, we MUST identify them. This ​rule​ must be reiterated since it is of ​paramount importance. Proper care is dependent on properly identifying patients.

And there can be NO EXCEPTIONS in performing that task.

 That’s why we call it a RED RULE!

I want to remind you that proper identification is just as important at ​the ​time of discharge​ from the ED for ​our patients​. Make sure you have the appropriate instructions ​​for the correct patient. Mis-identifying patients either at arrival or when they receive post-ED visit instructions can have dire consequences.

We are striving to provide our patients with a superior experience and confirming their identity is crucial to that effort.


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