LMC: 60 Seconds with the Presidents – Lung Nodule Program

Submitted by Jay Siegfried, MD, President, Lankenau Medical Staff, and Phil Robinson, President, Lankenau Medical Center


The Lankenau Lung Center has launched a Lung Nodule Program aimed at optimizing care for patients with incidentally discovered focal pulmonary lesions.


“As use of sophisticated tomography (CT) has increased, incidental detection of small lung nodules has become routine. While most pulmonary nodules prove to be benign, it is important to follow these nodules carefully, as some do represent early carcinoma,” explains Thomas Meyer, MD, Medical Director of the Lankenau Lung Center.


The Lung Nodule Program provides a formal protocol for lung nodule management, beginning with a specialist review of a newly discovered incidental lung nodule and determination of appropriate follow-up recommendations based on national guidelines and specialist expertise. The program includes prompt assessment by a team of pulmonary specialists, a report with follow-up recommendations, and tracking and proactive outreach by a dedicated nurse navigator.


The Lung Nodule Program provides a valuable tool for physicians to help manage their patients’ care, offer timely and appropriate intervention, and ensure compliance with surveillance recommendations.


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