MLH policy prohibits cell phone camera use

Submitted by Robert L. Benz, MD, VP Medical Affairs, Lankenau Medical Center, and John T. Schwarz, VP Administration, Lankenau Medical Center


Dear Members of the Lankenau Medical Staff:


It has been recently reported that members of the medical staff have been utilizing their cell phone cameras to take pictures of patient lesions or other hospital-related images.  Please note that as per MLH policy, “The use of camera cell phones, in any area of the hospital, to photograph or otherwise transmit images of patients, medical procedures, hospital personnel and/or hospital property/premises is prohibited.”


While our consent form allows for photographs to be taken for specific purposes, such photos should be taken by hospital-issued cameras and that does not supersede the restriction of cell phone camera use. 


Please feel free to contact either of us, or the Legal Department, if there are questions, concerns, or lack of clarity regarding the MLH Policy.  Thank you.


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