Bryn Mawr Hospital: Single Sign-On starts September 9

Submitted by Harm Scherpbier, MD MS, CMIO


The new Single Sign-on system will go live at Bryn Mawr Hospital on 4C, on Tuesday September 9.  With Single Sign-On, you walk up to a computer, tap your ID Badge on the keyboard and you’re automatically logged into the computer.  You don’t need to close applications when you’re done – you simply “tap out,” go to a different computer, and tap back in.    Single Sign-On will save you from many log-on log-offs every day. 


A couple of key points:


  • This only works on the “new” ID badges.  If your badge is the size of a credit card, you’re good.  If you still have an old badge, larger than a credit card, you need to go to the hospital security office to get a new badge. The new badge has a chip in it for Single Sign-On. 


  • The first time you use this system, you will need to enroll your ID badge one time only.  This takes one minute.  There will be people on-site to help you with this. 


  • You will need to enter your password the FIRST TIME you “tap-in” each day.  The computer will take around 35-45 seconds to log you in and then your log-in will be good for the next fourteen hours.  Each additional “tap-in” within those fourteen hours should take around 4-5 seconds to log you in. 


  • Don’t forget to tap out when you leave a computer.  If you walk up to a computer where someone else forgot to tap out, you simply tap in, and the computer will switch to you. 


The implementation at Bryn Mawr Hospital will start on September 9 on 4C – and each week, three units will be installed.  Within a few weeks, most hospital computers will have Single Sign-On.  There will be a support team on-site to help you use the system – and it’s very easy to learn. 


Any questions, please feel free to contact me:


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