New policy on blood draws from Central Line

Submitted by Steven J. Gamburg, MD, FACEP, Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine


The new policy re: Blood Draw from Central Line is now in effect.  Unless absolutely necessary, we do not ever draw any blood work now from a central line.


This is a major emphasis from Infectious Diseases and MLH leadership (and everyone!) to reduce Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI’s). 


The nurses are supposed to script to the patient:

“In the past, industry practice permitted use of a central line to take blood. However, we no longer do that because new information suggests it may increase the risk of a blood infection.”


Therefore, we need to stick for blood peripherally, even if a central line is in place – and provide the above explanation to the patient. 


If a nurse asks a doctor for an order to get blood from a central line, it should be ordered only in unusual situations when you can’t get a peripheral stick or in some emergency situations.


Remember, you will need to write an order to draw blood from a central line.


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