ED System upgrade – and one important impact to you


Submitted by Harm Scherpbier MD MS, CMIO, Main Line Health


Next week, on Wednesday, October 22, the ED information system (T-system) will be upgraded.  This, of course, mostly affects the ED physicians and nurses – but there is one change (improvement!) to everyone who admits patients from the ED:  At the decision to admit, a preliminary copy of the ED document will go to SmartChart.  It will be marked “Preliminary,” and it will be in the Transcription tab – where the ED documents are today.  Once the physician completes the ED report, the final copy will also go to SmartChart.  So: at the time of admission, you can see in SmartChart what took place in the ED up to that point.  This will surely help the information-transfer for patients who are admitted from the ED.


Please call me (484.596.1790 [O]; 484.568.3420 [M]) or email me (scherpbierh@mlhs.org) if you have questions or suggestions – many thanks.

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