October Spotlight – Behavioral Health: Mirmont Treatment Center addressing psychological trauma


By John Halloran, Mirmont Treatment Center


While many people think of combat casualties or of Medevac transport if they hear the word trauma, there is another dimension of trauma that is chiefly psychological in nature.


Whenever someone is exposed, in whatever way, to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence, there exists the possibility of psychological trauma.  Psychological trauma can stem from a single event or from long term exposure to a series of episodes.  Intrusive symptoms related to the experience, avoidance of reminders, a negative shift in thinking or in mood, and notable changes in arousal or reactivity all indicate that the experience may have had a lasting significant impact on an individual.  This impact can manifest in a number of adaptive behavior styles.


The correlation between trauma and maladaptive responses, such as substance use, is a strong one.  At Mirmont, patients with trauma history have the opportunity to evaluate the impact of trauma on their lives and to explore how alcohol and drug use may have served as coping strategies. Treatment modalities include EMDR and trauma focused education and group therapies.  Patients are educated regarding the basic neurochemistry that underlies trauma and addiction.


If you have questions about whether or not a patient is a candidate for treatment at Mirmont, please contact John Halloran at 484.227.1485.

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