MLH Laboratories offers two new tests: fecal immunochemical test and thyroglobulin test


Submitted by Pradeep K. Bhagat, MD, Medical Director, Main Line Health Laboratories


MLHL will begin testing for Thyroglobulin and Fecal Immunochemical Test effective April 21 at Lankenau core laboratory.


  1. Thyroglobulin test, currently being sent to Quest Diagnostics for testing, will be performed on site as automated test using existing instrument. The reference range will be 1.15 to 130.77 IU/ml. At the same time Antithyroglobulin antibody and Anti peroxidase antibody will be switched to automated assay. The reference values for the new Antithyroglobulin antibody assay will be less than 4 IU/mL and the reference value for Thyroid peroxidase antibody will be less than 9 IU/mL.


  1. Fecal immunochemical assay is a test for qualitative detection of fecal occult blood in feces. This test will be offered only as outpatient test. This test only requires a single stool specimen instead of three stool specimens for guaiac occult blood test. Also immunologic test to detect human hemoglobin are more accurate and do not require dietary restrictions.


As always please do not hesitate to call Dr. Bhagat, Medical Director of Main Line Health Laboratories, at 484-476-3521 with any questions.

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