For LMC Medical Staff: Isolation gown education


Robert Benz, MD, LMC VPMA, Margie Iacobacci, RN, VPN, and Armand Alessi, LMC Director of Support Services


I ask for assistance. We continue to have a problem with the yellow isolation gowns being disposed of in the regular laundry hampers instead of the isolation laundry hampers.


Hence, we continue to have a shortage of the gowns. Once they go into the regular hampers, they go to the laundry company, and we never see them again. The yellow isolation gowns stay in-house and are laundered here.


I have asked EVS to make sure of the following:


  1. Verify that there is an isolation hamper with each isolation cart.
  2. Make sure EVS and linen staff use the clear bags for the isolation hampers.
  3. Verify that there is a sign on each isolation hamper that makes staff aware of what hamper to use for disposal of isolation gowns.


If you don’t have these three items, contact EVS at 2988.


My request is that you PLEASE help educate the staff and medical staff of the proper disposal of the gowns in the correct hampers.

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