Lankenau Medical Center to pursue Level II Trauma certification

Lankenau Medical Center to pursue Level II Trauma certification

Submitted by John Schwarz, VP, Administration, LMC


Last week—after approval from the MLH Board of Governors–Lankenau Medical Center submitted a letter of intent to pursue Level II Trauma Center accreditation with the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (PTSF). Following an assessment of community needs and discussions with key stakeholders and community leaders, we identified a critical need to bring the specialized services associated with Level II Trauma accreditation into the community.


Today, Southern Montgomery County and Northern Delaware County lack access to local trauma services. Establishing a Level II Trauma Center on the LMC campus in Wynnewood will enhance EMS responders’ ability to rapidly transport trauma victims to a facility that’s close by for lifesaving treatment well within the Golden Hour, allowing these patients to stay closer to family, friends and other sources of support.  Additionally, having a Trauma Center nearby will greatly reduce the time LMC’s EMS partners are required to spend outside of their coverage area when transporting trauma patients.


Main Line Health is committed to reinvesting in its communities to provide access to the highest quality care.  Due to a critical community need in Chester County, in 2010, MLH opened a Level II Trauma Center at Paoli Hospital to serve as the county’s only trauma center. Since its opening, the amount of time before a patient arrived to a trauma center was cut nearly in half (from 75 minutes to 35 minutes) greatly increasing the possibility of receiving lifesaving treatment within the Golden Hour (the first 60 minutes, in which a trauma victim has the best chance of survival). Additionally, the number of trauma flights leaving the county from the scene of the accident decreased from 500 to ten.


The tremendous resources, expertise and capabilities involved in the creation of a Trauma Center will be available to all Lankenau Medical Center patients, further enhancing quality of care across the continuum. Most significantly, in the event of a major disaster, a Trauma Center is an invaluable community resource for saving lives.


The accreditation process will take approximately fifteen months.  The PTSF will perform an on-site survey in Summer 2016, reviewing LMC’s application and capabilities.  We will continue to update staff as the application process progresses.


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