Bryn Mawr Hospital and Lifecycle WomanCare (formerly known as The Birth Center) Announce New Relationship

Bryn Mawr Hospital and Lifecycle WomanCare, formerly known as The Birth Center, are proud to announce their new collaborative relationship to provide high quality and family-focused health care to pregnant and postpartum families throughout the Main Line community and beyond.


As part of this collaboration, Lifecycle WomanCare will transfer patients to Bryn Mawr Hospital should the mother and/or baby be in need of a wider scope of medical options during antepartum, intra-partum, or postpartum care. Bryn Mawr Hospital’s planned construction of family-centered, state-of-the-art maternity suites will provide even greater continuity of care for patients who transfer. Lifecycle WomanCare’s certified nurse midwives will have privileges at Bryn Mawr Hospital, and will continue to care for patients during labor and birth, while working collaboratively with Bryn Mawr Hospital staff and their on-call physician coverage team, to help ensure that both parents and baby receive superior, patient-centered, and timely obstetric care.


This partnership will magnify the impact of two dynamic pillars of healthcare in the greater Philadelphia region. Bryn Mawr Hospital’s longstanding reputation for excellent obstetric care, close proximity to Lifecycle WomanCare, and both entities’ commitment to providing more options for patient-centered, natural birth experiences for their patients make this an ideal partnership.


“We are very pleased to re-establish and broaden our relationship with Lifecyle WomanCare,” said Andi Gilbert, President, Bryn Mawr Hospital. “We believe this relationship will enhance the services available to expectant families in our community.”


“We are very pleased to collaborate with Bryn Mawr Hospital, which truly shares LWC’s commitment to providing the highest quality of family-centered, compassionate care to expectant families,” said Kathryn Boockvar, Executive Director of Lifecycle WomanCare.  “We know Bryn Mawr Hospital will offer our families a breadth of natural, personalized and innovative options, synergistic with LWC’s maternity and birth care, breastfeeding support and community programs.”


For more information about Lifecycle WomanCare, please visit For more information about Bryn Mawr Hospital, please visit


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