BMH ED: Changing of the Guard


Submitted by Leonard M. Checchio, MD FACEP, Chief of Emergency Services, BMH


Dear Colleagues,


I have been the Chief of Emergency Services at BMH since August 1997. During my tenure, the ED has grown from 24,000 to 48,000 visits per year, and from an “Accident Ward” with 11 spaces to a large unit with four sections and specialized areas for pediatric, psychiatric, and patients with minor illnesses and injuries. Our medical staff has grown from eight physicians to more than 16 emergency physicians and more than 10 PAs.  I have lived through four emergency department reconstructions and worked with three MLHS CEOs, four BMH Presidents, four nurse managers, and many other outstanding members of the BMH team.


The practice of emergency medicine at BMH has evolved to providing services to people of all ages with very complex challenging medical, psychiatric, and social crises.


The ED team at BMH has made great strides in the services provided, achieving outstanding performance in all measurable indicators of efficiency, safety, staff, and patient satisfaction. We have met or exceeded benchmarks of excellence in Emergency Department operations and have become a “front door to the hospital”  that is exemplary of modern, efficient, customer friendly,  high-quality emergency medicine.


In order to continue the culture of excellence in the ED, it is time for me to pass on the leadership role to another member of the medical staff.  Fred Kotalik, MD, who has been a member of the BMH ED Medical staff since 1991, assumed the position as Chief of Emergency Services starting in September 2015. I expect that Dr. Kotalik will provide the excellence in leadership that he has demonstrated clinically over more than 20 years in the BMH ED.


I want to thank all of you for the support in many projects to improve the services provided in the ED and BMH over the past 18 years. Thank you for your help in so many cooperative projects spanning interfaces in the complex world of hospital and outpatient medicine.


I plan to continue as a full time clinician in the BMH ED and to focus on clinical practice in the remaining years of my medical career and to continue as an active member of the medical staff of BMH.


It has been a privilege to serve as the Chief of Emergency Services of BMH and to represent such an outstanding group of medical professionals on the ED Team.


Once again, thanks for your support, but most importantly thank you on behalf of my family, friends, neighbors and community members that you have served so well through enabling the ED to provide outstanding emergency care.


It has been a great ride.

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