BMH Psychiatric Unit to be totally tobacco-free


Submitted by Michael Hammonds, Director, Acute Behavioral Health


Effective January 4, 2016, Bryn Mawr Hospital Psychiatric Unit will join the rest of Main Line Health as a tobacco- and smoke-free environment.


The use of smoking materials or smokeless tobacco products has been a longstanding restriction on the inside of our unit, and this policy will now extend to include the unit’s outside patio area.


We are developing this policy to provide a healthy and safe environment for our patients and staff, as well as to promote positive health behaviors.  Tobacco use can lead to negative outcomes for mental health treatment, the treatment milieu, overall wellness and recovery. We recognize that this change may be challenging, and in coordination with MLH Smoking Cessation Program, plan to make our patients as comfortable as possible through Nicotine Replacement Therapies to provide relief from nicotine withdrawal during their hospital stay. We will continue to offer fresh-air-breaks on the patio for all patients to enjoy.


This coincides with a nationwide initiative for behavioral health facilities to become tobacco-free and aligns with Main Line Health’s ongoing focus on providing health care that is high quality, safe, and focused on improving the quality of life for the patients and the communities we serve.


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