LIMR Round Robin Conference set for March 1

Submitted by Trish Levy, manager, Continuing Medical Education


All healthcare professionals are welcome to attend the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research Round Robin Conference on March 1, 2016, in the Lankenau Auditorium beginning with breakfast at 7am. Presentations will be from 7:30-8:30am.


Topics will include Novel Zinc Formulations for Preventing and Treating Esophageal Cancer; Polyamine Blocking Therapies to Reverse Tumor Immunosupression; New Drug Discovery Paradigms for “Biased” Alpha-adrenergic Agonists (Asthma); Emerging Cancer Targets (MUC1, HUR1) and Innovative Drug Delivery Strategies; Immune Regulation and Tumor Micro-environment; and New Therapeutic Modalities to Stimulate Innate and Adaptive Immunity.


Presenters will include Scott Dessain, MD, PhD; Susan Gilmour, PhD; James Mullin, PhD; George Prendergast, PhD; Melvin Reichman, PhD; and Janet Sawicki, PhD.

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