Obituary: John T. Magee


Dr. John T. Magee, a nephrologist and member of the Bryn Mawr Hospital Medical Staff from July 1963 to February 1997, passed away on Thursday, March 17. His funeral was on March 22.


Dr. Magee was named director of the BMH Department of Medicine in 1969 and served 25 years in that post. A Main Line Health statement said, “It was at Bryn Mawr Hospital that Dr. Magee came into this world, and it was also here that he took his last breath 85 years later. For so many years in between, he demonstrated a solid connection to the hospital, which was his home away from home. He graced our hospital community with his kindness, compassion, and deep commitment to his patients and colleagues.” Read Dr. Magee’s complete obituary in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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