Inpatient Sepsis Alert Discontinuation Notice

 Submitted by Robert L. Benz MD, FACP, Vice President of Medical Affairs, LMC



The Senior Operations Committee at MLHS made the decision to discontinue the alert process related to the use of Sepsis Alerts for the inpatient population. The alerts have been discontinued.



The inpatient Electronic Sepsis Alert was implemented approximately a year ago. The Cerner workflow engine continually scanned patient data for specified criteria which resulted in  both nurse and physician notifications.



The transition from Cerner to EPIC necessitated a decision to determine if there should be continued support for the electronic Sepsis Alert with a Cerner tool. MLHS involvement with the PIVOT project required prioritization of efforts.  The impact of alerts on patient management was also carefully reviewed.  The alerts have been valuable in reinforcing the importance of early recognition and communication but it was noted that there was no change in the course of care for most patients.



  • Continued regular patient assessment for SIRS criteria by all care givers
  • Ongoing communication about patient status as it relates to the early recognition of sepsis
  • Clear documentation regarding the treatment plan for patients meeting SIRS criteria


Everyone’s efforts and support are recognized and appreciated!


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