Pharmacy ED medication history services extended at Paoli Hospital

Submitted by Al Celidonio, Director of Pharmacy-Paoli Hospital


It is my pleasure to announce that we will extend the coverage for medication histories by pharmacy personnel beginning on Monday, August 15. The hours covered will be from 8am-12midnight Monday-Friday.  We will cover Holidays from 1pm-9:30pm. Weekend coverage will be coming soon, covering the same hours of 1pm-9:30pm. Here are some important notes regarding the process:

  • My staff will attempt to interview and complete home medication histories for all patients being admitted.
  • Pharmacy will text page admitting physician when history is completed.
  • Do not attempt to process admitting orders if you see the medication history “in progress.”  This may cause loss of data and/or result in more clarifications from my staff.
  • Please contact us at ext. 2558 with any questions regarding process.


Our full time staff in the ED:

  • Deena Kim, Pharm D. PGY1 Paoli Pharmacy Resident Graduate 2015. Lead Pharmacist in ED 8am-4:30pm
  • Sean Young, Pharm D. Evening Pharmacist in ED 3:30pm-12midnight
  • Roxann Fuchs, Pharmacy Technician in ED 10:30am-7pm
  • Kristy Schwarzman, Certified Pharmacy Technician in ED 3:30pm-12midnight


We are excited to provide this service that will enhance the admission process and ultimately the entire hospital visit through discharge. Please contact me with any questions regarding the process.


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