Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to Combat Opioid/ Heroin Abuse: Available August 25th in SmartChart

The State of Pennsylvania has enacted an on-line prescription drug monitoring database to help physicians identify patients who may be abusing scheduled prescription medications:

  • All providers who write for contSmart Chartrolled substances are required by law to check the database for a patient the first time the patient is prescribed a controlled substance by that provider or if a prescriber believes that a patient may be abusing or diverting drugs.


  • Outpatient pharmacists have been using this system since June 24th and are required to enter all filled prescriptions for scheduled medications into the database.


  • The system helps to identify patients who may be abusing prescription medications.


  • On-line training for physicians and their designees is available on the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.


  • For MLH hospital physicians; a link has been added to SmartChart “links” (see photo.)


  • Further information about this new process will be forthcoming.

To register, copy and open this link into a new web-browser:

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