SmartChart Provider Documentation at Paoli Hospital- Additional classes

by Robert Fried, MD, VPMA Paoli Hospital, Don Klingen, Medical Director and Interim CMIO and Debra Laumer, director Clinical Informatics


Over 80 additional providers at Paoli Hospital have been trained to use electronic documentation in SmartChart, beginning August 8th. One week of additional Clinical Informatics support is being added as follows:

  • Classes:
    • Tuesday, August 23, 0700-1200 in the Paoli Room
    • Wednesday, August 24, 0700-1900 in the ED Conference Room
  • Live support – Posted on the nursing units –page Clinical Informatics personnel or call the Help Desk

You may choose a training session below by clicking “Sign Me Up” next to the time slot you would like to attend or call Deborah Sparrow in the Medical Staff Office to register 484-337-8035



Tuesday August 23, 2016

Paoli Room

Starts Ends
Sign Me Up! 7:00 AM 7:55 AM
Sign Me Up! 8:00 AM 8:55 AM
Sign Me Up! 9:00AM 9:55 AM
Sign Me Up! 10:00 AM 10:00 AM
Sign Me Up! 11:00 AM 11:55 AM


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

ED Conference Room

Starts Ends
Sign Me Up! 7:00 AM 7:55 AM
Sign Me Up! 8:00 AM 8:55 AM
Sign Me Up! 11:00:AM 11:55AM
Sign Me Up! 12:00 PM 12:55 PM
Sign Me Up! 3:00PM 3:55 PM
Sign Me Up! 4:00PM  4:55PM
Sign Me Up! 5:00 PM 5:55 PM
Sign Me Up! 6:00PM 6:55 PM


Feel free to attend training more than once if needed.  We ask that you begin to use Provider Documentation as soon as you have attended class.  Since electronic documentation is now becoming the norm, paper progress notes, consult forms, H&Ps, and discharge summaries will be removed from the chart binders effective September 28th to eliminate hybrid documentation.  Auto-printing of electronic notes will also stop at that time.  (Demand printing of provider notes will still be possible.)

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