Trauma Center now open at Lankenau!

Submitted by Phil Robinson, President, Lankenau Medical Center


As of midnight [September 1], Lankenau Medical Center’s fully accredited Level II Trauma Center officially began serving our community. As you know, this has been an incredible journey that has required the skill and expertise of the entire Lankenau team. I am thrilled to see your hard work come to fruition.


Our Trauma Center is more than just an additional service at Lankenau—it is a critical resource and a second chance at life for the residents of our communities. From the older adult who suffers a dangerous fall to the victims of a car crash, seriously injured members of our community will truly benefit from this additional lifesaving capability. As health care providers, we understand the importance of providing timely and immediate care. With the talent of our trauma team and our continuing partnership with our local EMS providers, we are greatly increasing access to trauma services for the people in our community and improving their chance of survival.


None of this would be possible without your devotion to our patients, your colleagues and our community. I want to commend the entire staff for your ongoing dedication and support throughout this process. Together, we are making Lankenau Medical Center the best place to give and receive care.

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