Norma Padron, PhD, co-authors abstract in Population Health Management on Geriatric Mental Health

Norma Padron, PhD., Associate Director of the Center for Population Health Research at LIMR, is a co-author of “Telementoring Primary Care Clinicians to Improve Geriatric Mental Health Care,” an abstract that appeared in the January 20, 2017 issue of Population Health Management. The abstract is based on a study which assessed whether Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) GEMH (geriatric mental health) – a remote learning and mentoring program – is an effective strategy to address geriatric mental health challenges in rural and underserved communities.

Results of the study indicated that Project ECHO GEMH participants felt the program was valuable and led to improvements in clinician geriatric mental health care knowledge and treatment practices. It also suggested that telementoring programs may effectively build the capacity of frontline clinicians to deliver high-quality, evidence-based care to older adults with mental health conditions and may contribute to the transformation of health care delivery systems from volume to value.

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