Hazel Guinto-Ocampo, MD, receives Service Excellence Award from Nemours


On May 4, Nemours presented its 2017 Service Excellence Award in Community Practice to Hazel Guinto-Ocampo, MD, interim Chairman of Pediatrics for MLH and also Medical Director of the Bryn Mawr Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department.


The award is given to Nemours physicians working in the community who are actively engaged in their practices in leading practice improvement, serving on hospital committees, and discretionary effort to support their practices.


In comments read at the presentation, BMH President Andi Gilbert said that Dr. Guinto “has worked tirelessly to establish and build the [BMH Pediatric ED] program, collaborating with physicians and many other clinicians not only at BMH but across the Main Line Health System. In addition to personally caring for many of the 12,000 pediatric ED patients annually, Dr. Quinto has worked to develop and embed pediatric treatment protocols across the organization.  She has trained many colleagues and has worked closely with community pediatricians to support the care of their patients.


“Under Dr. Guinto’s steady and guiding leadership, BMH has developed a critical competency in pediatric ED care at BMH, ensuring that patients are treated safely, efficiently and with the utmost compassion. She leads by example. Her immense dedication and commitment to this work, has been recognized by her colleagues both at MLH and Nemours.”

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