Upcoming events — Bryn Mawr Hospital – May 5, 2017


May 5: Healthcare Disparities Colloquium

Pennypacker, 7-9am


May 9: Pediatric Grand Rounds

TBD, Pennypacker, 1-2pm


May 11: Medicine Grand Rounds

Population Health: MACRA, MIPS, ACOs and Value Based Care, Mitchell Kaminski, MD,

Main Line HealthCare; Seth Rubin, MD, Bryn Mawr Hospital; Pennypacker, 8-9am


May 18: BMH Medicine Grand Rounds

Gift of Life Lecture; Pennypacker, 8-9am


May 18: BMH Family Practice Department Meeting

Novel Lipid Lowering Therapies, Howard Kramer, MD; Conference Room F, noon-1pm


May 23: Pediatric Grand Rounds

Kidney Stones, Jennifer Hagerty, DO; Pennypacker, 1-2pm


May 25: Medicine Grand Rounds

Neurodegenerative Diseases as Clinicopathological Entities, David Irwin, MD, University of Pennsylvania; Pennypacker, 8-9am


May 25: Semi-Annual Medical Staff Meeting

Pennypacker, 5:30pm. Attendance at 50% (1) Hospital Staff meeting per calendar year is required for Active Staff members by the MLH Medical Staff Bylaws. You may attend any ONE of the meetings at the hospital of your choice.  There are no excused absences.  Please mark your calendar. We look forward to your attendance and participation.


June 1: Medicine Grand Rounds

Brain Tumors, Robert Bailey, MD, Paoli Hospital; Pennypacker, 8-9am


June 6: Departmental Collaboration Conference

TBA, Pennypacker, noon-1pm


June 8: Medicine Grand Rounds

Hearing Loss, B. Davison Smith, MD, Lankenau Medical Center; Pennypacker, 8-9am


June 15: Medicine Grand Rounds

Advances in Cardiac Device Therapy, Matthew Hillis, MD, Marple Medical Associates; Pennypacker, 8-9am


June 22: Medicine Grand Rounds

Immunotherapies for Cancer, John Devlin, MD; Pennypacker, 8-9am


June 27: Pediatric Grand Rounds

Communication with teens & adolescents about health, with special LGBTQ sections; Pennypacker, 1-2pm


June 29: Department of Medicine Business Meeting

Pennypacker, 8-9am

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