Electrolyte drug shortage


Submitted by David Showalter, PharmD, System Director, Pharmacy Services


I know that there has already been some discussion in various forums about the ongoing electrolyte shortage. We created the attached SBAR to summarize the situation and provide some general recommendations to conserve available product. We continue to work together to facilitate emergency orders from Pfizer and re-allocate it within the system based on patient need.


In addition, SCCM published some general guidelines for electrolyte replacement in 2014 when there was a similar market shortage. We have extracted information from these guidelines and summarized it for each of the drugs affected.


If you could share this with your colleagues and consider additional conservational strategies, it would help to ensure that we reserve our resources for the appropriate patients. Please reach out if there are any questions or comments.


We will update the group as new information is provided to us.

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