Health advisory regarding blood lead


By Pradeep K. Bhagat, MD, System Chairman, Department of Pathology


Lankenau core laboratory has been performing Blood Lead on venous blood using Magellan Diagnostic Lead Care for several years. U.S. Food and Drug Administrator just issued a safety communication warning about the use of Magellan Diagnostic analyzer with venous blood because it might result in falsely low lead result (Ref). We already are now sending all blood Lead to reference laboratory for alternate lead testing. Furthermore, CDC recommends that healthcare providers re-test following group of patients.

  1. Patient younger than 6 years and had a venous blood level less than 10 micrograms/deciliter.
  2. Currently pregnant or lactating patients who had a venous blood performed recently using Magellan Diagnostic Lead care analyzer.

If you have any questions, please call Dr. Bhagat, Medical Director MLHS Labs at 484-476-3521

Ref: PA Department of Health 2017-PAHAN-376-05-17-ADV Potential for falsely low Blood Lead Test Results from LeadCare Analyzers.



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