This week’s STEEEP Huddle: E for Effective


This week’s topic — Measuring Patient Experience, contributed by Rosangely Cruz-Rojas, System Director, Performance Measurement, Improvement & Analytics — reinforces the understanding that patients need and deserve quality care, and reflect on past experience when selecting a provider or recommending one to a friend.


Patient satisfaction surveys such as Press Ganey and HCAHPS measure patients’ perspectives of important aspects of their care, including communication, concern and respect. And payors use the survey data to help determine the level of reimbursement we receive from them. We use this data to help gauge progress toward strategic goals.


The patient experience is more than clinical care, and it can be influenced in every interaction patients and their families have with us – when they’re requesting an appointment, finding their way in our facilities, or trying to understand their medication or their bill.


The STEEEP Huddle template is a guide to conduct unit-based Huddles or during departmental staff meetings. The STEEEP Huddle topics are posted on the Performance Excellence 2020 site at


Although all physicians may not have the opportunity to participate in the STEEEP Huddles, the topics are being included in MLH Clinician weekly to help share the information across MLH. (For more background on STEEEP Huddles, see

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