PAMED seeks support for prior authorization reform


By Walter Klein MD, Bryn Mawr Hospital Pathologist and PAMED at-large specialty trustee    

Prior authorization reform is one of the top priorities for The Pennsylvania Medical Society in 2017.  Recently, State Representative Marguerite Quinn introduced HB 1293.  This bill is aimed at improving transparency, standardization, and response times for prior authorization in Pennsylvania.

PAMED needs our help.  Begin by collecting as many patient stories as possible which illustrate the burdensome nature of prior authorization and how it can be detrimental for patient care. Ask your patients who have experienced delays from prior authorization decisions from health plans to share their story. Most importantly, pick up the phone and contact your House member and ask him/her to support HB 1293.  For more information contact Richard Gibbons, Senior Director Government Relations at PAMED (

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