PE2020 Milestone: MAAPE site visit and assessment


By Jack Lynch, President and CEO


As part of our Performance Excellence 2020 (PE2020) work, we are using what is known as the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework to help us embed high-reliability practices across MLH. The world-renowned Baldrige Framework is based on core values and concepts that represent beliefs and behaviors found in high-performing organizations. Baldrige provides an organized approach to decision-making, communication and deployment of work with measurable outcomes.


Earlier this spring, we submitted an application to the Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence (MAAPE), a regional nonprofit that utilizes the Baldrige Framework to help organizations improve their performance and outcomes.


On July 12-13, representatives from MAAPE will conduct a site visit at our request. They will interview team members from across the System and tour our facilities. The purpose of their visit is to provide an assessment of our organization’s ability to align with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework as a way to further enhance our ability to become a high-reliability organization.


Every employee, physician, volunteer, Board Member and community partner can influence our PE2020 effort by engaging with MAAPE representatives during their visit and sharing examples of how they live the MLH mission every day. As we get closer to the visit, we will provide samples of the types of questions our reviewers may ask.


This site visit is part of a multi-year process as we work to continuously improve the patient experience and further enhance our employee engagement. Feedback from MAAPE will inform our PE2020 effort, and ultimately help us to deliver a STEEEP experience everywhere, every time, for everyone.


Thank you for your cooperation in this work and for helping to make MLH the best place to give and receive care.

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