OR notes not being sent to referring physicians


By Patrick Ross, MD, PhD, Chair, Department of Surgery

As you may know, the international ransomware attack on June 27, 2017, affected numerous organizations in 64 countries. Among the companies victimized was the iChart dictation vendor used by Main Line Health.  As a result, the normal dictation/transcription (i-Chart) service for our physicians has been unavailable for dictation as of that date, and we have had to pursue alternative transcription options.

Unfortunately, an additional impact of this service disruption has been that copies of our physicians’ procedure/OR notes are no longer being sent to referring physicians.

Since becoming aware of the cyberattack on our vendor, the Main Line Health surgical community, administration, and our Information Technology Department have been collaborating to craft immediate as well as long-term solutions to this serious problem and minimize disruptions to a timely and complete medical record. However, the ability to copy referring physicians on procedure/OR notes could not – so far – be built into our immediate options to manage the crisis.

We sincerely apologize for this temporary interruption and are diligently working to develop an effective system to reinstate this service for our referring physicians. We will keep you informed as we make progress toward a solution.

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