Printing Provider Documentation from SmartChart EMR

 By Don Klingen, CMIO and Deb Laumer, Director Clinical Informatics

Since the iChart Dictation/ Transcription Outage, provider response to using SmartChart Provider Documentation has been very encouraging.  We understand the challenges, one of which was not being able to copy your own office practices on the SmartChart documents.

One of the fixes was to provision all physician office staff on record with EMR print functionality from the legal medical record for the office medical record.  To clarify, this is not printing from the Clinical Summary, but rather from the legal medical record in the EMR –side of SmartChart, also known as EDM (Electronic Document Management).

EDM is the safest place to print from, since documents can still be revised in Clinical Summary. EDM has the final completed documents.  All physician office staff should now have this capability as of Tuesday, 7/18/17—if not, please contact the Help Desk (484-596-HELP) to request it.


Here are the steps to printing from EDM:

1. In SmartChart Clinicals, go to the search function and look up your patient:

2. Select Patient Record:







3. Go to “Links” on the upper right toolbar and select EMR- Medical Records.  This is the legal (completed) medical record:

4. Select the encounter and the document to be printed:








5. Select Print



We continue to work on other improvements to make SmartChart Provider Documentation more user-friendly as feedback is received.

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