Transcription now available for all medical staff- eScription lite

By Don Klingen MD, Chief Medical Information Officer

While Dragon and point of care documentation is by far the preferred method of getting clinical work done…

In response to the transcription outage, Nuance, our vendor, has provided a transcription service called “eScription Lite.”

eScription Lite offers enough bandwidth that we can offer traditional dictation and transcription for H&P’s, Consults, Operative Notes and Discharge Summaries for all our providers.

Instructions on how to access are available here.

Some important notes to know:




  • Enter the 10 digit account number  or  PT# …. (not the MR#) when dialing in to dictate. The account # starts with:
  • LMC –   400XXXXXX                         BMH – 200XXXXXXX

    PH  –      100XXXXXXX                      RH  –    5000XXXXXX

    Rehab – 9000XXXXXX

  • Templates are not available for any work types dictated over the phone… you will need to dictate the entire note. (To set up voice activated / Dragon templates within SmartChart please contact the Clinical Informatics team)
  • Bayscribe, a temporary dictation solution for hospital surgical inpatients, will no longer be available for hospital (inpatient) dictation after Friday, 7/28/17.  (Bayscribe will continue to be the MLHC platform for providers in the office setting.)
  • eScription Lite may be used for both inpatient & outpatients for the four work types specified. Solutions to document other hospital outpatient work types are underway.
  • Do not use eScription for patients with a 7000 account number (i.e. Rehab PT#). Check with medical records for appropriate documentation for those patients.
  • If you do not know you transcription ID number please contact medical records and they will be able to retrieve it for you.
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