Remote Access System Maintenance


By Don Klingen, CMIO, and Deb Laumer, Director Clinical Informatics


Necessary internet maintenance must occur on August 13, 2017 for approximately 15 minutes during a two-hour window of time between 2am-4am. Clinical systems within MLH will not be affected, however inbound internet connections from external parties to MLH (e.g., remote access via VPN/ NetScaler/ Phone Factor into MLH systems) will not be accessible during this time.

Existing connections prior to the outage will not be impacted.  Radiology Night Hawks are NOT impacted because they are connecting to MLH Network another way.



WHO: MLH Medical Staff  &  Employees
WHEN: Sunday morning, August 13,  2017,  2:00 AM to 4:00 AM ( ~ 2 hours)


WHAT: System Maintenance
IMPACT: Remote Access to the MLH Network will be unavailable for new logon requests for 15 minutes during this two hour maintenance window. 


Please note:  If you are logged in and have applications running BEFORE 2:00AM, you will not be impacted by this maintenance.  


*** Questions?  Please call the Help Desk at 484-596-HELP (596-4357). ***


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