Bryn Mawr Family Practice and Residency Program returns to BMH

By Joseph Greco, MD, Residency Program Director

 On September 11, the Bryn Mawr Family Practice and Residency Program will be returning to the Bryn Mawr Hospital campus, where the residency program was founded in 1975. The new location will be: Suite 200 in the new MOB at 135 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue.

From an educational perspective, the move will allow us to more fully integrate inpatient and outpatient care, and we will be able to re-engage many subspecialists in graduate medical education by encouraging their participation in the teaching of our residents. Being located across the street from the hospital will also increase the feasibility for faculty and residents to participate more fully in Bryn Mawr Hospital educational conferences and medical staff committees. The move should increase the quality and quantity of the residency application pool. This will continue to increase the reputation and quality of the program overall.

Bryn Mawr Family Practice has the opportunity to become the hub for primary care for the underserved and vulnerable populations surrounding the hospital. We feel strongly about this mission as it closely aligns with the MLH Strategic Plan.


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