Reminder regarding policies that protect our staff


By Paul Yakulis, Senior Vice President, Human Resources


As we continue the critically important work across our System to reduce health care disparities in the communities we serve, we must also remember that as health care professionals, we should ourselves feel respected and valued for our talents, skills and contributions to the organization. In a recent article published by The Advisory Board, ‘Bigotry in a hospital gown’: How doctors handle racism from patients, a physician candidly shares her experience facing racism and bigotry in the workplace from patients refusing her care.  


Mutual respect must be inherent in our work as health care providers—from patients and visitors as well as colleagues. We have policies in place, including Code of Conduct, Staff Assignments and Staff Rights, that reinforce our commitment to treating all with dignity and kindness while respecting others’ differences and beliefs.


As written in our Staff Assignment policy, if a patient or family member requests a staff change based upon age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, physical appearance or economic class, staff should contact the nurse manager or supervisor right away. This manager/supervisor will then discuss the situation with the patient or family member and communicate our policy. If the patient or family member is still insistent on a staff re-assignment, the campus Vice President or administrator on-call should be contacted. If the issue is not resolved, the patient will be referred to another non-Main Line Health facility, if their medical condition allows them to safely be transferred.


Thank you for your continued dedication to ensuring an environment of mutual respect and inclusion at Main Line Health.


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