At United Nations, Dr. Plestis speaks as part of conference on men health


Konstadinos Plestis, MD, MLH System Chief, Cardiac Surgery, recently served as member of a panel addressing men’s health in the televised “Pathway to Wellness Conference” sponsored by the United Nations Staff Recreation Council SaluS Well-Being Network Club.  


In leading a discussion on cardiovascular disease in men, Dr. Plestis noted the multiple factors leading to the disease, including genetics and lifestyle. He stated:  “Modifications in lifestyle to control early cardiovascular disease require a commitment from the person himself. There are medications that can help, but modification is very important. A pill cannot cure everything. Advanced disease requires more aggressive methods, like stents and bypass surgery, but they solve the symptom, not cure the problem. Lifestyle modifications are also necessary. “


The panel included an array of doctors, health practitioners and wellness professionals who spoke on topics ranging from prostate cancer and diabetes to nutrition and mental health.


“I would like to thank the United Nations for taking the initiative to bring the important topic of men’s health to the community,” said Dr. Plestis. “I was very pleased to be part of this entire panel, which was insightful and meaningful.” 


To see the complete panel discussion, click here.


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