Dragon training classes for hospital providers

 By Don Klingen, CMIO, and Deb Laumer, director, Clinical Informatics

Dragon is the preferred method of dictation (using real-time voice recognition) to complete your In-Patient Provider Documentation notes using an MLH computer at either the hospital or in your office.

The following dates/times are available for Dragon training classes, held at Lankenau Medical Center’s computer training room 112 MOB South:

o   Thursday, September 21, at 7am, 9am, noon and 2pm

o   Tuesday, October 10, at 7am, 9am and 11am

o   Tuesday, October 31, at 7am, 9am, noon and 2pm

Dragon licenses are available. You must have a license before attending class. If you would like to be trained and do not have a Dragon license, please contact the Help Desk (484.596.HELP or HelpDesk@mlhs.org) to open a ticket requesting a license and to attend a class.  If you would like Dragon loaded onto an MLH computer, include the computer name and location in your Help Desk request.

Classrooms are becoming limited due to the upcoming Epic training, so now is a good time to attend a class, if you have not done so already.


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