Influenza vaccine for patients


By Mark Ingerman, MD, Medical Director Infection Prevention & Control

Patients began to be screened to receive the influenza vaccine on September 16, 2017.  At the acute care hospitals, this is a nurse-driven process for the usual dose for patient age 18 and older. At BMRH, nurses will contact the physician for the influenza vaccine order, as there is not a nurse-driven process at that site.

Some providers have inquired about influenza vaccine for patients age 65 and up.  Though this is available through the MLH hospitals’ pharmacies, it is not built into the nurse-driven vaccine screening this season.  Should your patient request and/ or you wish to order the “age over 65” flu vaccine for your patient, complete the order and pharmacy will replace the usual dose with the “age over 65” flu vaccine.   The nurse will not solicit patients for this, but will contact the provider if the patient requests it, at which time an order must be entered. Please note the “age over 65” vaccine DOES contain latex.

The correct vaccine to order is pictured below (look-up flu vaccine in SmartChart):

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