Who are MLH’s 2017 Safety Heroes?

Nominations are now being accepted for MLH’s 2017 Safety Hero.  This award, an extension of the Great Catch program, recognizes those who have demonstrated a total commitment to safety in their department, unit, hospital, or across the organization. 

Each year, a committee comprised of the Chief Medical Officer, the Vice President forQuality and Patient Safety, the Director for Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management, and the Chief Nursing Officer review the nominations and select an employee, a physician, and a team who have truly “walked the talk” for patient safety.   This award is not for one or two instances where a person or team used safety behaviors and tools, but is reserved for those who really talk the language and role model the behaviors of our Culture of Safety every day.

The award is bestowed at the Annual Leadership meeting.  Last year’s winners were Trish Fingo, RN, a staff nurse in the EP Lab at Lankenau Medical Center and John Nguyen, MD, Chief of Anesthesia at Bryn Mawr Hospital. The Team award went to the Trauma Team at Lankenau Medical Center.  Check out their stories at http://intranet/patsafety/page62.aspx

To nominate an employee,  physician or team, download the nomination form at http://intranet/patsafety/page62.aspx and send to Sharon DiRienzo, Director of Patient Safety/Risk Management, Gerhard Building, 2nd floor, BMH. 

Nominations should be submitted by October 1, 2017

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