MLH network core system outage this Sunday morning, October 15


By Deb Laumer, director, Clinical Informatics


Network changes are scheduled to be applied on Sunday morning, October 15, that will require network outages, impacting access to most clinical and communications systems across MLH. All departments will be required to implement downtime procedures from 12 midnight to 2am and should be expected to implement downtime procedures for the full outage duration, between 12am-6am.


“Night Hawk” radiology services will be impacted and there will be an onsite radiologist at each facility to support the acute care facilities to read and promptly return imaging results. Hospital phones will be up, however there will be prolonged periods where Web-Xchange will be down, and although phones will be working, text paging will not.  Please dial 76 plus (7 or 10-digit) phone extension to page during this time.


See the SBAR for further details and timing.


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