STEEEP Huddle: E for Equitable – Project SEARCH

This week’s STEEEP Huddle, contributed by Michelle Epstein, Manager, Community Outreach at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, focuses on Project SEARCH®. Project SEARCH is a program of Main Line Health that provides a unique opportunity for vocational training/counseling and career exploration for individuals with disabilities in a supportive environment, when they otherwise may not have such an opportunity.


The STEEEP Huddle template is a guide to conduct unit-based Huddles or during departmental staff meetings. The STEEEP Huddle topics are posted on the Performance Excellence 2020 site at


Although all physicians may not have the opportunity to participate in the STEEEP Huddles, the topics are being included in MLH Clinician weekly to help share the information across MLH. (For more background on STEEEP Huddles, see

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