Dragon Upgrade to Dragon Medical One

By Debra Laumer, Director, Clinical Informatics

Main Line Health will be uploading a new version of Dragon software, Dragon Medical One (DMO) on Tuesday, November 14. This version of Dragon is designed to work seamlessly with Epic, coming in March. It also works well with most of our current charting systems.  The DMO platform includes industry-leading speech recognition software in the cloud so providers can be productive anywhere.  Both the current and the new versions of Dragon will be available on hospital computers. The new DMO application icon and microphone toolbar are pictured below. Attached is a Quick Reference Handout outlining the differences between DMO and the Dragon Network Edition.

Due to limitations with the NextGen system for ambulatory practices, MLH will also be keeping our current version (Dragon Network Edition—icon pictured below) for any providers who use Dragon in NextGen. However, if you are using Dragon for any other charting system, we encourage you to use DMO. Any providers new to Dragon after the upgrade to DMO will be licensed for DMO only.

A link to e-Learnings and the Quick Reference Guide about DMO will be made available in the “For Physicians” section of the Internet for providers to access at their convenience for a quick review of key features.


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