New ‘Safety Chat’ videos respond to staff questions on safety issues

By Laura J. Thompson, director, Medical Staff Quality

Several years ago, MLH embarked on a journey to reinvent our organizational culture with a stronger focus on safety. During this long journey, the Culture of Safety has become an integral part of all we do at MLH.

This week, the journey goes to the next level – video responses to safety questions submitted by MLH employees, physicians and volunteers.

  • WHY: During the past six years, we have not been able to positively impact the scores on our AHRQ surveys.  Approximately 26% of our staff participating in the last AHRQ survey told us that they would never/rarely or only sometimes speak up if they saw something that may negatively affect patient care. We obviously have significant issues regarding Speaking Up for Safety at MLH. One way to increase the percentage of staff who will speak up is to minimize the power gradient — the psychological distance between the staff and the person in authority. We can do this by using our Error Prevention tools in a consistent way that allows us to speak the same language of safety.
  • WHEN:  Starting today, the Patient Safety committee is introducing an interactive program called Safety Chat, which will address your work-related questions about the challenges you have on your unit or in your department using the Safety Behaviors and Error Prevention tools.
  • HOW: Each month, a brief video response will be posted on the Safety at MLH page of the MLH intranet to answer your questions, offer advice, demonstrate ways to address your issues, and give you practical solutions to your concerns.

To have your question addressed in a Safety Chat video, submit your specific Error Prevention tool-related questions, issues, and concerns to: Meanwhile, see the first episode of Safety Chat by visiting the Safety at MLH page.

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