Proposed changes to the Medical Staff Rules and Regulations

By Marie VanBuskirk, System director, Medical Staff Affairs

In preparation for the March 2018 implementation of the EPIC EMR, a complete review of the current MLH Medical Staff Rules and Regulations conducted by the Bylaws Committee together with members of Legal Counsel, and Dr. Don Klingen, CMIO. Proposed changes associated with the transition to the EPIC EMR were reviewed and discussed, as well as updates to be consistent with current practices. These changes were presented to the MLH Medical Executive Committee (MEC) at their November meeting.

Per the MLH Medical Staff Bylaws, changes to the Rules and Regulations are communicated to the Medical Staff prior to a vote by the MEC. The MEC will vote on the changes at their December 18th meeting. You may also contact the MLH Medical Staff Office ( or 484.337.8031) for a copy of the document identifying the proposed changes.  If you should have any questions regarding the changes, please contact the MLH Medical Staff Office.

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